Number of customers supported within the community (currently by the village care schemes)

Our goal is

This measure looks at the number of people the Good Neighbour/Village Care Schemes support. Customers can receive support from volunteers who act as a ‘good neighbour’, helping to provide a safety net for vulnerable adults in the local village/town they support. The schemes help to reduce feelings of isolation and exclusion.

The number of customers in 2017 represents a 15% increase on 2016. Like the target for volunteers, the figure does not reflect the shift towards varied support rather than scheme growth. We would anticipate a more stable level of customers over future months with more limited levels of growth. This will be due to a wider variety of local community schemes funded by recent grants and other opportunities than previously, offering more choice for customers to participate in their community. We would expect similar levels of transport related support being provided by the good neighbour/village care schemes until it is possible for routine hospital diagnostics to be done in the home using assistive technology.

Bigger values are best