Leisure facility usage rates

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Figures for leisure facility usage rates have seen significant growth over the last financial year, particularly owing to the popularity of the new Flitwick Leisure Centre. Over the 2016/17 financial year, all sites showed an increase in attendances, most notably by 106% at Flitwick Leisure Centre and by 19.6% at Tiddenfoot.

Central Bedfordshire Council is committed to increasing leisure facility usage across its multiple sites and aims to improve on the same period during the previous financial year. Leisure facility usage decreased to 401,500 visits during quarter 3 when compared to 2016/17. However, as Dunstable Leisure Centre is currently closed this figure does not give a true reflection of usage overall. All other centres had an increase in usage. Once Dunstable Leisure Centre is brought back into use, it is expected that growth in leisure centre usage overall will continue.

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