Total non-elective admissions in to hospital (general & acute), all-age, per 100,000 population

Our goal

The non-elective admissions measure represents the number of people who make unplanned visits to hospital, often urgently and usually via Accident and Emergency. The formula for calculating the measure is the total non-elective admissions for Central Bedfordshire residents divided by the population of Central Bedfordshire. The target for the Central Bedfordshire area is identified by the national Better Care Fund programme. The challenges relating to this measure have been well documented in the national media and between June 2015 and June 2017 the figure for Central Bedfordshire increased from 2,316 per 100,000 population to 2,652.

Performance from July to September 2018 did not meet the target of 2,517 per 100,000 at 2,860.  Non-elective admissions have risen; further work is being undertaken to understand why to inform how this might be prevented.


Smaller values are best