Premature Deaths (persons per 100,000)

Our goal

Premature mortality is a measure of deaths in under 75 year olds.  It is estimated that over 60% of these deaths are avoidable. Many of these deaths are avoidable through public health interventions, like getting people to stop smoking, eat more healthily or be more active. Other deaths could be avoided through health care interventions, such as early diagnosis and/or effective treatment of diseases and health conditions. The Council delivers a number of activities and services that target the causes of premature deaths.

The latest data reported shows that the trend of falling numbers of people dying prematurely has continued. The figure of 271 people per 100,000 is statistically similar to the average for statistical neighbours.  The continued reduction is due to a number of factors including healthy lifestyles, the social determinants of health such as education, housing and employment and also access to care.

Smaller values are best