LAC - School attendance (when entering care and registered at school)


Looked after Children are those for whom the Council is the parent. Performance for this measure has historically been relatively consistent at around 93-95%.  This is slightly below the national average for Looked after Children of around 96%.

The figures for the last 2 years have seen a significant improvement on previous years to over 96%. Breakdown for the most recent data shows that from Reception to Year 9 (age 5-14), attendance is good and in some year groups better than children who are not looked after by the Council. The area for improvement remains with children in Years 10 and 11. Both the Council's Virtual School and Social Care staff closely monitor any pupil whose attendance has been identified as a concern. Where attendance is a concern, a multi-professional meeting is called and action is taken by the council to re-engage pupils in learning. This may include, for example, tutor assistance.