Number of new jobs

Our goal

This measure of new jobs created in Central Bedfordshire is a statistic obtained from the British Register and Employment Survey (BRES). The target is 1,350 jobs created each year. This data is made available to us 2 years in arrears.

The number of new jobs decreased by 3,103 during 2017 to 102,887. While this is a negative percentage change, there has in fact been an increase of 9.96% between 2015 and 2017. This is higher than England (3.1%) East of England (4.85%), SEMLEP (6.58%), Bedford (1.92%), Luton (8.26%) and MK (4.41%). There was an unusually high increase in jobs (12,355) reported in 2016 and the overall trend for Central Bedfordshire remains positive.

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