Time taken to process Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, new claims & change events - Days

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Speed of benefits processing performance showed a continual improvement from September 2016 when it reached a high of just over 32 days, falling to just over 10 days by March 2017.

Overall speed of benefits processing has been fairly consistent throughout 2017/18 and is on target at 16.6 days. However, due to the unforeseen loss of some resource, performance has declined slightly between October and December. Over these months, the average length of time to process claims was 18.4 days against a target of 15.0 days. This compares positively to the same time last year when the average was 21.4 days. This improvement from last year has been due to the service being able to maintain a consistent level of processing resource for most of the year and the increasing take up of intelligent on-line claim forms by claimants.

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