Time taken to process Housing Benefit, new claims & change events - Days

Our goal

The overall benefits speed of processing during 2017/18 has shown an improvement with an out turn of 15.4 days against a target of 13.9 days for the processing of new claims and changes in circumstance. This is an improvement of almost 7 days compared to the out turn for 2016/17.

Performance in 2017/18 stayed fairly consistent throughout the year, with new claims being processed on average in under 30 days for the first time since the creation of the Council. Processing of changes in circumstances averaged 14.1 days which was the best performance for 3 years. This improvement from last year has been due to the service being able to maintain a consistent level of processing resource for most of the year and the increasing take up of intelligent on-line claim forms by claimants.

The benefits speed of processing for January to March 2019 was 11.2 days against a target of 8.6 days. This was a slight improvement of 0.7 days in the overall time taken to process benefits compared to the same period in 2017/18. Performance has improved during each quarter of 2018/19.



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