Call wait times average - (seconds)

Our goal is

This measure looks at the average length of time customers have to wait before their telephone call is answered in the Customer Contact Centre.

Performance has exceeded the target of 180 seconds during each month of the most recent quarter (January 2018 - 260 seconds, February 2018 - 324 seconds & March 2018 - 474 seconds). Accordingly, the average wait time for January to March was 339 seconds. 

Recent call waiting times have been impacted by further staff turnover in the Contact Centre, which was partially addressed in March 2018 with three new Customer Service Advisors. More advisors will be joining throughout April 2018 which will have a further positive impact. Due to the loss of advisors, mainly to internal recruitment by other areas of the business, the improvements seen between October and December 2017 have not been sustained during January to March 2018.

Smaller values are best