At Central Bedfordshire Council, we are committed to delivering great services to our residents.  To make sure we are on track, we constantly monitor our performance against many measures to see how we are doing and where we could do better.

Here on our Performance Portal you too can monitor the Council as we report on some key measures of our performance, including the targets we have set ourselves and how we are doing against them.

When looking at our performance pages the following applies:-

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Enhancing Central Bedfordshire

New data for July to September 2019:-

  • People in employment aged 16 to 64 (% above national average)
  • New Homes Completions
  • Town Centre Vacancy Rates

Resident Services

New data for July to September 2019:-

  • Leisure facility usage rates 
  • Libraries facility usage rates

Education & Skills

New data for July to September 2019:-

  • % of schools rated Good or Outstanding

Protecting the Vulnerable

New data for July to September 2019:-

  • Children’s Safeguarding - Referrals as a percentage of the child population
  • Percentage of referrals of children leading to the provision of a social care service
  • LAC - School attendance (when entering care and registered at school)
  • % of care leavers at age 17-21 who are engaged in education, training or employment
  • Proportion of adults subject to a safeguarding enquiry of those known to adult social care
  • Total non-elective admissions in to hospital (general & acute), all-age, per 100,000 population
  • Average age of customers admitted to a residential care home (65+)
  • Delivery of new dwellings suitable for older people

Efficient & Responsive

New data for July to September 2019:-

  • Time taken to process Housing Benefit, new claims & change events
  • Call wait times average (seconds)
  • Number of web visitors

Stronger Communities

New data for July to September 2019:-

  • Number of volunteers engaged within the community (currently the village care schemes)
  • Number of customers supported within the community (currently by the village care schemes)